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Upload application plugin on app server

install plugin and enter license
chmod /plugins/cb_multiserver/api folder to 0777
chmod /plugins/cb_multiserver/server_configs folder to 0777
Goto Multi Server > Manage servers
Click on 'View Application Key'
Copy it to your clipboard

Upload api files on your conversion or streaming server

chmod files and all folders under it to 0777
chmod actions dir to 0777
open key.php
replace your app key with 'app_key' and enter your own secret key
Make sure all the modules and settings are installed properly on your conversion or streaming server

Go back to admin panel

Add new server
Enter details accordingly
Define server role
Enter secret key
click 'verify and connect'
MS DOCSOnce everything is done you will see your server listed in available server with 'Inactive' status
Now click on -select action-
Click Edit
Just Click Verify and update
Click configure
set server configurations accordingly
once done click on Update Configuration
again click on -select action- and Activate server
Click on 'refresh module info' in Actions menu and 'module info' to view the configurations properly on system
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