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How Do You Configure ClipBucket With Wowza?

Following steps will help you in configuring ClipBucket with Wowza .

Enable Rest Apis

Wowza Streaming Engine software includes a documentation server, or servlet, that provides the REST API reference documentation through a Swagger-based webpage. The documentation server is disabled by default. To use it, you must enable the servlet and disable servlet authentication in your instance's Server.xml file.
On the computer with Wowza Streaming Engine installed, go to [install-dir]/conf and open Server.xml file in a text editor.
Locate the <DocumentationServerEnable> property in the <RESTInterface> section and specify true, like this:

Locate the <AuthenticationMethod> property and specify none:

Restart Wowza Streaming Engine.

Configure ClipBucket:

GO to Configurations and fill the form accordingly
Configure the following fields as decribed
Wowza Api BasePath { http://wowza_host:8087 } Default port (8087) is configurabe in Server.xml
File Directory { Normally where you have installed wowza Engine }
Player Ip Address e.g provided in wowza enginemanager
Player Port e.g provided in wowza enginemanager
Wowza Api Version e.g 2
Wowza Source Username {Create source in wowza enginemanager}
Wowza Source Password {Create source in wowza enginemanager}
Connect With Wowza API {if you want to manage applications on clipbucket}

Create Application:
GO to Live Stream >> Wowza Applications and create an application or either you can go straign to Wowza Engine Manager to create it.
Configure accordingly e.g secuirity / publishing configurations and Save

Create Channel:
Now finally go to Live Stream >> Add Live Channels
Select Channel type and application from wowza (if selected) and assign to any user you want to Allow
Note : While publishing Stream, {StreamName} must be equal 'username' of user in clipbucket

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