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Why You Need Paid Subscription Module?
Paid subscriptions plugin lets you make revenue from the premium content you upload.

Types Of Packages

As the names suggest, Subscription package is for create Monthly subscriptions like Netflix. There are multiple settings in this package that allows admin to offer all premium videos or limit videos in the package. Frequency means the time frame for Package (for example a month), interval means how many months this package is for (for example 1), next is if the package includes any PPV videos, if yes how many pay per view videos a user can watch in this package. Is there any limit on the number of videos user can watch during this one month subscription? You can set it in the video limit field. You can create Subscription plan against a subscription package for recursive payments each month via PayPal. The form below is a sample to set a Monthly subscription that offers no PPV video and user can watch unlimited videos in 100 dollars.

PPV stands for Pay Per View, This Package is based on Credit points, There 2 types of Paid Videos (Premium, PPV). When you make a video Premium with PPV type you are asked to place a credit for the video, let's say you put 10 credit charge for each PPV video. You can assign number a credits in PPV package, for example you can give a user 100 credits in $100 dollars. With 100 credit points user can watch 10 PPV videos (assuming that each video has 10 credit).

Create a Package based on videos, User can only watch fixed number of videos in this package. The form below allows the user to 10 premium videos within a month for $100.

Subscription Plan:

After you create a subscription package, You can create a Subscription Plan against a Subscription Package for recursive payment on PayPal. This is the section where you create a subscription plan against a subscription package for recursive payments.

Paid Subscription Revenue Sharing:
this module is designed to share revenue between admin and the video uploaders in paidsubscription configurations there are these two configuration which are for revenue sharing module first option is Allow revenue sharing over ppv? which repesent if you want your users to upload videos and add them as ppv.The second option is Your revenue sharing percentage? which represents the percentage of revenue that you want to share with uploader.Once the uploader adds the videos into ppv category then revenue of each ppv video will be shared between uploader and admin according to you set percentage.

Uploader Earnings:
There is a tab to manage uploder's earnings in the plugin's menu from where you can manage earning users and view their stats and can pay user either via paypal or via bank account and just mark the earnings paid.All the earning users will be listed here

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