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Why You Need Revenue Sharing System
Revenue sharing plugin lets to make partner publisher with whome you will share a persentage of revenue generated by their published videos this will result in overall increase in views and earnings you will have better traffic than before as the stack holder will be increased on your website.

Plugin Configurations
Before getting started with Revenue sharing plugin you have to make sure that you have properly installed mongodb 3.X on your server with php driver for mongodb let me guide you through this step by step

Install mongodb 3.X to install it on linux based servers follow this link specifically for centos follow this link
to check if mongodb is installed correclty go to your terminal and run this command
"mongod -version"
it will give you the version of currently running mongodb.
Now install mongodb extension for php using this command in terminal
"pecl install mongodb"
to check if mongodb extension is installed correclty go to php info under Tool Box menu and search for mongodb if it will be installed you will find extension mongodb listed in phpinfo.php
Add the newly installed extension to your php.ini file right down this line in the end of php.ini file
now create mongo database and collection for earning views to do so go to terminal of your server and type this command
this will give you the access to mongo shell now type these commands
"use cb_mongo"
to check if database is made run this command
"show dbs"
this will list down your newly created database with some premade dbs by mongodb
now you would have to set 2 crons on files within this are the paths of both
/usr/bin/php /var/www/html/cb_corporate/upload/plugins/revenue_sharing/crons/cron_views.php - (with 5 minutes duration)
/usr/bin/php /var/www/html/cb_corporate/upload/plugins/revenue_sharing/crons/cron.php - (with 24 hours duration)
this is it now you are ready to go with this plugin.
Admin Area
Now to understand how this plugin works here are some point you have to consider or notice.after installation of this plugin you will notice 5 other menus will appear up with documentation lets discuss them one by one.

Dashboard is where Overall earning stats will be shown in other words this is the page where overall earnings and views will be shown in graphical form also each new earning user request notification will be displayed here on top bar.
"Manage earning users"
This is the most important module of this plugin this is where you can view all earning user you can check their info 'Activate,Deactivate' them as earning user earning views will only be counted if a user will be activated.then there is an option of 'Earning stats' here you can view earning stats of each user individualy.Then there is 'Pay now' where you can pay users either via paypal or manually by bank to bank transfer.'Payment history' is where you can view all of user's payments histories when and by which means you paid the specific user.'View user details' is the module where you can edit or view the user's details.and the last reamaining option is 'Set/Update Rpm' this is where you will define the custom rpm rate for each user specifically according to countries you can add tiers consisting of different countries defined in text area in ISO2 format separated by comma's and then you can set the rate to them.
This is the page where you will set all the basic configurations for this plugin here you can set number of views per matix default are 1000 if you want payments to be done by paypal you would have to add paypal details in "Paypal configurations" section.
"RPM manager"
This is where you will set default rate per matrix of views.
"Requests manager"
This page will deal all the upcomming and pending requests when a user will have to become an earning user he/she will have to request to become an earning user those requests will be shown here you will have the option to accept those requests,reject them or highlight them as review later.user won't be able to send any new request unless his/her request is in this area or he/she is an earning user.
User Area
Right after installing the plugin users will be able to see 'Become earning user' button under their usersname on the top right corner.

"Become earning users"
This is where users can request to become an earning users once a users has been approved to become an earning user he/she will view two other options
"View Your earnings"
This is where a user can view his/her earnings and stats about views
"Edit earning info"
Here user can edit his/her earning info

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